There are SO many ways that different people and types of organizations can help our Veterans with their battles with PTSD– it would take up too much space to list them ALL of them here.  

If you have received an email and/or a letter asking you to use a specific code – press the help button, enter the code you were given,  and it will take you to the proper page.

If you are interested in helping us and you found us on your own, we will be launching an IndieGoGo Campaign soon, and we will also have a donation page soon, so please check back with us.

We promise to spend your money wisely.  Not to diminish other organizations efforts, but recognize that our goal – in EVERY one of our objectives, is to “jump start” initiatives that take current inefficient scenarios and spark changes that make more efficient use of Time, Energy and Monies already being spent.  As examples:

PTSD Treatment – Support of this initiative will lead to 50% more Veterans being treated - at a much higher level of efficacy - for the same dollars currently spent on Mental Health Therapies.  THREE veterans will be treated for the same monies that currently treat only two.   Monies spent treating and supporting a SINGLE Rural Veteran on medication and disability will help heal ELEVEN Veterans – 
​curing them rather than just managing their symptoms.

Corpsmen to Rural EMT’s – We will solve TWO problems with ONE program; 1) helping Corpsmen further their medical careers, and 2) sending much needed medical expertise (even if only for a few years per person) to Rural areas who desperately need that help.

Scaling VSO Efficiencies - the human capital and energy is there.  It needs to be directed and maximized.  The tools that we will sponsor will make it possible for VSO’s to be far better organized and effective.

Multiplier Effect
All of our efforts create BETTER than 1:1 outcomes.  We expect the Efficacy of Donations made to VetsCare4Vets to be among the highest ROI in the industry.  We will not be spending large percentages on overhead or salaries.  Many charities have great intentions, but you have to ask yourself - what is the GREATEST IMPACT that my donation can have?

How to Help

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